Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney in Fort Myers?

Usually, residential real estate transactions in Florida do not need a real estate attorney. However, if you are planning to buy real estate in Florida, hiring a Fort Myers real estate attorney can be of great help. A real estate attorney can ensure your interest, make the transaction smoother and quicker by identifying potential loopholes and challenges, and most importantly streamline the contract negotiation.

Here are a few reasons, why you should be hiring a Fort Myers real estate attorney in Florida:

Sound Advice to Protect Your Interests

Most residential real estate transactions in Florida involve a Sale or Purchase contract. The nature of these contracts can be either simple or complicated. You would think that your real estate agent would be enough to help you with such contracts.

You would be surprised to know that although Florida realtors are familiar with the different aspects included in the contract, they cannot provide any legal advice. Only licensed attorneys are permitted to provide legal advice in Florida.

Hiring a Fort Myers real estate attorney will help you understand the clauses in the contract. He may also act as an escrow agent for the buyer’s earnest money deposits required by the contract. Also, he will flag issues that he sees in the contract and helps you make a speedy exit from the agreement if something goes wrong.

Help in Dealing with Title Companies

Another entity that comes into play during residential real estate purchases is the title insurance company. Title insurance companies are responsible for scrutinizing the title and past ownership. Post verification of all these aspects, the title insurance company will issue a certificate that the seller is legally permitted to sell the property. In the entire process, the title insurance company remains the third party and does not provide legal guidance to any of the parties involved.

This makes it imperative for you to seek the advice of a Fort Myers real-estate attorney. With experienced real estate lawyers by your side, you can rest assured that your transaction will be smooth and error-free.

Guidance on Financed Purchases

A financed real estate transaction can be complex and emphasizes the need for intervention by an experienced real estate lawyer. Even though the contract will capture all the mutually agreed conditions between the seller and the buyer, a real estate attorney can make the picture crystal clear for you. A Fort Myers real estate attorney can take you through the terms of your loan, keep you informed on all notices and give you a glimpse of what the implications will be after you sign the contract.

You may think that a real estate agent is enough to get the deal go through. This is far from the truth! While your real estate agent can handle the paperwork efficiently, he will not be in a position to point out loopholes and shortcomings.

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