Take Title To Florida Real Estate: Joint Ownership As Joint Tenants With Right Of Survivorship


-The surviving joint tenant(s) automatically receive the deceased joint tenant’s share. In other words, “survivor(s) take all”, regardless of what one’s will says. Avoids probate for that asset.

-All owners have the right of possession of the entire property.

-Easy. Only need to make sure the deed reads: “As Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship.”


-Only natural persons, and not trusts, corporations, or LLCs, may be joint tenants.

-All ownership shares must be exactly equal.

-All joint tenants must take title by the same deed. This can be inconvenient.

-One joint tenant can secretly destroy the joint tenancy by conveying out his or her share to someone else (and even back to himself or herself!), resulting in a tenancy in common.

-No asset protection—creditors can seize an owner’s interest in a property during his life unless it is homesteaded (that creditor right ends, however, at the death of the debtor owner).

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