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Hire Qualified Real Estate Attorney in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs

Foreclosure Defense

There are multiple examples where your lender might not have complied with the loan agreement, lost the essential legal documents, or abused mortgage service. There may also be instances when they may be setting unlawful costs and fees or may have violated state laws while trying to collect the debt. You can deal with such situations successfully with the right foreclosure defense firm. Our expert real estate attorney in Cape Coral can review your circumstances and recommend options to reduce long-term financial damage.

Civil Litigation

This is a non-criminal legal process in which one or several parties sue a different party in courts, such as individuals, businesses, or the government. The complainant asks for compensation or other damages from the defendant through monetary damages or awards. Our real estate lawyer in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs can represent any party in civil litigation matters in the state or federal courts. We can also manage mediation, settlement conferences, and other ways of alternative dispute resolution.


The Hale Law Service’s real estate attorneys in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs can file and prosecute evictions on behalf of property owners. If you have been facing a tenant who violates your lease, avoids paying rent, or causes other problems, you can rely on us to resolve the issue in your best interests. We have years of experience handling different cases for residential and commercial clients. Though real estate laws can be complicated or confusing, our experienced lawyers ensure that your requirements are taken care of through a personalized representation of your case.


Whether a tenant or landlord, you may require a real estate lawyer in Cape Coral or Bonita Springs to draft or review a lease agreement. These documents can be complex and difficult to understand, so every term and condition must be explained in clear and straightforward language. We can help you comprehend and negotiate the agreement and also resolve any disputes for properties, including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Sales Contract Review & Preparation

Buying a property is a vital financial decision you ever make, and the terms you agree to are the most critical part of the deal. Our real estate attorney in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs can help you review and prepare the necessary paperwork for the transaction, including sale agreements, lease agreements, and loan documents. We can also assist you in understanding/negotiating the fees you need to pay as a buyer or seller. This will help you save time and money, ensure protection against the property and close the transaction without any hassle. Our expert, real estate lawyers, can help you with the following services but not limited to:

  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Reviewing

Property Options

If you owe more on your home than its fair market value, Ned can help you explore all of your property options, and he will provide his legal opinion on how to proceed, including:

  • Short Sales
  • Deeds In Lieu
  • Foreclosures

Residential Transaction

The purchase or sale of a home is one of the most important decisions you make, and today a real estate lawyer is equally in demand as a real estate agent. As a well-established real estate attorney firm in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs, we provide a prompt and reliable service that helps you save time and money. We ensure each document and contract is correctly drafted and work in the direction to prevent unpleasant surprises and even handle them in case they arise. We can also help you file a tax appeal to reduce costs. As a real estate firm, we provide comprehensive services for:

  • Leases
  • Sales

Commercial Transaction

The transactions can be complex whether you are buying, selling, renting, or investing in a commercial property. Our real estate lawyers in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs can help you reduce the time and money you need to spend on purchasing, selling, or leasing a property. We offer various services for commercial property transactions, including:

  • Drafting construction and development contract
  • Negotiating retail and commercial leases
  • Securing agricultural classification for property
  • Navigating complex zoning laws

We provide the above services and even the ones not listed for:

  • Leases
  • Sales

Asset Protection

Banks generally have the right to sue for a deficiency after foreclosure. Learn which of your assets are protected and which are at risk. Also, learn what you can legally and ethically do to protect your assets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Attorney

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney When Buying a House?

Buying a house in Estero and Fort Myers involves dealing with complex transactions. This is why you need to hire a board certified real estate lawyer to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our experienced real estate attorneys can assist you with all legal compliances until the point of closing. We are well versed in state law and have the experience to deal with various legal issues.

What is the Difference Between a Real Estate Lawyer and Agent?

A real estate agent will show you different listings and connect you to different sellers but cannot help much with legal issues. A real estate lawyer acts as your representative and protects your interests. They offer you valuable legal advice and ensure that you do not run into any legal complications.

What Real Estate Legal Services Do You Offer?

Our experienced lawyers can assist you in dealing with complex real estate matters such as sales contract review and preparation, commercial and residential transactions, preparation of eviction notices, leasing of properties, short sales, foreclosures, and other legal compliances. Call us today at 239-931-6767 to know more about our real estate legal services in Fort Myers, Estero, and other nearby areas.