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Estate Planning Firm

To assist you with the nuisances of the Real Estate Law in Florida
Wills – You should decide who gets your property, not the state.  Planning ahead may be difficult, but it avoids tough decisions for your family and friends.  Preparing a will requires professional judgment, which can only be obtained with years of training and experience.  Ned and our team our real estate lawyers can get you moving in the right direction..

If you’re not from Florida, it would be a wise decision to have your will reviewed by Ned Hale.  A will must be properly executed in strict compliance with Florida laws in order to be probated, and we can make sure this is taken care of for you properly.

Living Wills – A Living Will is a declaration which addresses whether or not you want medical professionals to use life-prolonging procedures in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes.  It is a way to ensure that your wishes on this sensitive subject are heard.

Powers of Attorney – A Durable Power of Attorney can be used to designate someone else to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated.  It is very valuable tool to allow someone else to take care of your business if you cannot.

Health Care Surrogate – A Health Care Surrogate allows you to designate a representative to make health  care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Enhanced Life Estate Deeds – The perfect way to avoid probate for your most important asset:  Your home.  It essentially creates a “payable on death”  designation for your real estate.  You have a life estate for your life, wherein you can sell or refinance your property and retain all proceeds.  Then, when you pass, the property automatically goes to your heirs as listed on the deed. No expensive or time consuming probate.  No trust hassles or expense.

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