Take Title To Florida Real Estate: Joint Ownership As Joint Tenants With Right Of Survivorship

Advantages:-The surviving joint tenant(s) automatically receive the deceased joint tenant’s share. In other words, “survivor(s) take all”, regardless of what one’s will says. Avoids probate for that asset.    -All owners have the right of possession of the entire property.-Easy. Only need to make sure the deed reads: “As Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship.”Disadvantages:-Only natural persons, and not trusts, corporations, [...]

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Making Sense of the FR/BAR Financing Section: A Buyer’s Perspective

In my 16 years (and counting) of teaching business law, particularly the FR/BAR contract to licensees in Southwest Florida, I have often joked that, in addition to the buyer and seller, there is a third party to the contract. This party is all powerful, practically unaccountable, notoriously fickle, and, worst of all, it doesn’t even [...]

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Emotional Support Animals: Fair Housing or Fraudulent Hideout?

A Florida man recently demanded that a no-pet condominium association permit his “emotional support parrots.” He would walk around the pool area with the parrots on his shoulder like a pirate. A woman tried to board an airplane in Orlando with her “emotional support squirrel.” The airport in Newark was the scene of a New [...]

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Things to Avoid Doing While Selling Your Residential Property in Florida

Before making your first move while selling your residential property across Florida, you must get in touch with a real estate law attorney. There are many mistakes that you may make being a non-professional. Hiring a residential real estate attorney will help your deal to get a quicker and expected response. You must avoid the [...]

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