How to Categorize Real Estate Assets in Florida?

If you have been struggling with understanding specifications and guidelines for categorizing estate assets in Florida, you have landed at the right place. Depending on how complex the estate is, your experience could range from smooth-sailing, straightforward processes to maddening paperwork and other procedures. Here we break down the process, just as Fort Myers Real [...]

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Asset Protection in Florida: How to Title Your Assets?

When we talk about asset protection, it refers to a set of laws, techniques, and strategies aimed at protecting your assets against the claims of creditors who may attempt to seize your assets. Thankfully, Florida state law has strong creditor protection provisions, especially in the real estate sector. If you are looking to protect your [...]

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Take Title To Florida Real Estate: Joint Ownership As Tenants In Common

By: Ned Hale, Attorney/Owner at Hale Law Group, P.A., Fort Myers, FL Board Certified in Real Estate by the Florida Bar Advantages:            -Easy. No documents to prepare. This is the “default” ownership method when two or more people jointly own real estate.            -Ownership shares can be unequal—i.e., one person can own, say, 60% and the other 40% [...]

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What can a Real Estate Attorney Do For You?

The real estate landscape in Florida has changed quite a lot over the years. Buying and selling a house requires a lot of paperwork. Also, it is often the most expensive purchase, which is why you need to get every detail right. While Florida is a great place to buy properties, regulatory changes have made [...]

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Real Estate Licensees Can Be Held Personally Liable For Negligence

Real Estate licensees frequently ask their legal counsel of board certified attorneys if they can be personally sued by a party to a sales contract or a lease.  Surely, these licensees reason, they can’t be sued personally – they are working for a company, after all, and isn’t limited liability the main benefit of working [...]

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